30 Household Uses for Nail Polish

30 Household Uses for Nail Polish

Have you ever used nail polish for anything other than adding some color to your finger and toe nails? If not, you are missing out on all of the possibilities this product holds. Just like baking soda and vinegar, there are many creative uses for nail polish.

See for yourself by browsing this list and make sure you share your ideas and experiences by commenting below.

1 – In my home, we use nail polish to write our initials on toothbrushes so they are easy to tell apart.

2 – You can use clear nail polish to seal homemade and even store bought labels to help them last for a longer time.

3 – This may be one of the most popular uses for nail polish… You can use it to stop a run in pantyhose. Simply put a dab of nail polish on both ends of the run and it won’t go any further.

4 – If you have a shoe lace that has lost the plastic tip, you can use nail polish to keep the lace from running and also to help make it easier to thread through a hole.

5 – Someone told me that you can make a piece of thread easier to thread into a need by covering it with nail polish. While you can try this, I have found you can make threading a needle faster by moistening the eye of the needle, this is quicker than waiting for nail polish to dry.

6 – Use nail polish to write your child’s name on toys or supplies. The nail polish won’t wear off as quickly as pens or even markers.

7 – If you can’t stand licking envelope, you can seal the flap using nail polish instead!

8 – You can make your costume jewelry last longer by covering them with thin coating of clear nail polish. This will help them hold their silver or gold color longer and it will also keep them from turning your skin green!

9 – Give screws a little extra holding power by painting the thread with nail polish before you screw them in place.

10 – If you have a salt shaker that shakes out a little more salt than you like, seal up some of the holes by brushing some nail polish over them.

11 – Use colored nail polish to paint the top of your keys. You can use different colors so it is easy to tell them apart.

12 – If you have a button that you notice is loose, brush the threads with clear nail polish and it should help keep the threads from breaking.

13 – Nail polish can be used to mark measurement lines on containers. Even if the container has measurement lines, they are sometimes hard to see. You can make them stand out more by adding a little color that won’t wash off.

14 – You can use nail polish to detail your car. If you have nail polish that matches your car color, use it to touch up a scrape. If you have an area on your car where the paint is missing, paint over it with clear nail polish to help keep it from rusting.

15 – Speaking of rusting, if you have products in metal containers than tend to leave rust strains on surfaces in your home — such as a can of shaving cream left in the shower or on the bathroom sink, cover the bottom of the container with nail polish to seal it.

16 – Small holes in screens can easily be sealed by dabbing a little clear nail polish around it.

17 – You can make your matches waterproof by coating the tip with nail polish. (Not sure how the match could work still, but I am going to try it!)

18 – Get creative and use finger nail polish to customize your cell phone case. The nail polish will last longer than paint or markers.

19 – You can also use colorful nail polish on your phone charger and other cords. Not only will it add some pizzazz, if you color code them, you can easily find the one you need.

20 – You can help keep screws from getting rusty, such as those used on a toilet, by coating them with finger nail polish.

21 – If you have a piece of furniture that has a small splinter in it, use clear finger nail polish to seal it so it stop snagging clothing.

22 – Finger nail polish can be used on mosquito and other bug bites to help stop the itching. I have tried this and it worked well for me!

23 – I also read that you can use nail polish on warts. Simply brush the nail polish onto the wart and keep applying it as need to keep the wart covered. This cuts off the oxygen and basically kills of the virus. I read it takes 2 – 3 weeks.

24 – Brush a little nail polish onto the edge of ribbon or fabric to stop it from raveling.

25 – Use nail polish to personalize golf balls. This would work for other sports supplies you want to label.

26 – I ran across a tip from someone about using nail polish to mark products that may be poisonous, like household cleaners. Use a bright colored polish to mark a big X on the product or a circle with a iine through it and teach your kids not to touch anything with that symbol on it.

27 – Have small toys, such as Hot Wheel cars, that need a new paint job? Use fingernail polish!

28 – You can also use colorful fingernail polish to color code, or just dress up, plain metal tacks.

29 – If you Christmas tree ornaments are starting to loose their luster, use nail polish to revive them and even add extra details.

30 – If you want to coordinate bobby pins to match your outfits, paint them with nail polish.

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