4 Herbal Essential Oils to Help with Insomnia

4 Herbal Essential Oils to Help with Insomnia

Figuring out how to deal with insomnia only adds to the stress that is probably associated with, and responsible for, the insomnia in the first place. Most insomnia related episodes are on account of stress and the many problems that it creates, making it impossible for us to relax and sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, there are several herbal based essential oils that can help in a lot of different ways. Each essential oil is great for a different thing, and when combined they work together to help us unwind, relax, recharge, focus and even sleep.

Use these herbal essential oils together or individually to help you get over a bout of insomnia and back onto a regular sleep schedule.

Lavender Essential Oil (affiliate link)
This herb is popular for its beautiful flowers and lovely fragrance, but the essential oil that is pressed from its leaves is very beneficial to your health and well being. If it is stress that is keeping you awake, lavender is a great oil to relieve some of that stress that you are feeling by bringing a calm atmosphere into your life. Use it in your baths, diffused into your bedroom, in the wash or applied topically for the best results.

Valerian Essential Oil (affiliate link)
Valerian is an herbal essential oil that has been used for centuries for people that need help sleeping or overcoming traumatic experiences. Valerian is a great option if you are unable to sleep because of something upsetting happening in your life that has caused you to have unsettled nerves and extra stress. This oil is best massaged into the skin around the neck or the temples.

Vetiver Essential Oil (affiliate link)
This herb is new to most individuals, but it has been used in our cosmetics for ages and the essential oil is great to have on hand if you are experiencing insomnia. Vetiver is a great option for calming and helps ground us when we are dealing with a lot of changes all at once. Diffuse it in your bedroom as a sleep aid, or add it to a warm bath right before bedtime.

Marjoram Essential Oil (affiliate link)
Marjoram is a very aromatic essential oil that falls in the mint family, but is not strong like peppermint or spearmint. Marjoram is a great relaxing essential oil, calming and soothing tight muscles that might be keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. This essential oil is best applied topically, rubbed into the skin in the areas that are giving you trouble. The scent is also very calming, so if you do not have any of the other essential oils you can use this for both a muscle relaxant and a calming mood oil.

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