75 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

75 alternatives to halloween candy

Halloween is right around the corner and there are many ways to cut down on the sweets this year. Can’t think of any ideas? Consult this long list of great alternatives to Halloween candy. Sure kids love candy and they will be getting a ton of it for Halloween this year but they also love gooey, sticky and glowing items just as much! As a matter of fact these great alternatives to Halloween candy just may make you the hit of the block.

Childhood obesity is increasing more and more every year and, although eating a little Halloween candy is not the main cause of the problem, it is always great to give the kiddos a fun gift to keep them busy playing and having fun. Check out these great alternatives to Halloween candy and see how they go over in your neighborhood.

75 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

  1. Koosh balls
  2. Glow Sticks
  3. Cheese crackers
  4. Treats from your local fast food joint.
  5. Decorated juice boxes
  6. Toy bracelets
  7. Happy meal toys
  8. Raisins
  9. Slime
  10. Decorated water bottles
  11. Mini sponges
  12. Pretzels
  13. Temporary tattoos
  14. Hair bows
  15. Mini card games
  16. Mustaches
  17. Trail mix
  18. Popcorn
  19. Toothbrushes
  20. Decorated oranges (Draw a cute pumpkin face on them)
  21. Fruit snacks
  22. Paint brushes
  23. Whoopie cushions
  24. Gold fish
  25. Stickers
  26. Animal crackers
  27. Halloween glasses
  28. Rubber ducks
  29. Spider rings
  30. Fruit leathers
  31. Activity books
  32. Bathtub coloring tablets
  33. Crayons
  34. Granola bars
  35. Popcorn balls
  36. Wind up toys
  37. Pencils
  38. Slide puzzles
  39. Play-Doh
  40. Finger puppets
  41. Bubbles
  42. Comic books
  43. Markers
  44. Rubber stamps
  45. Toy cars
  46. Whistle
  47. Plastic spiders
  48. Coins
  49. Mini telescopes
  50. Spinning tops
  51. Glowing balloons
  52. Veggie chips
  53. Yo-yo
  54. Apples
  55. Mini pads of paper
  56. Peanuts
  57. Glow bracelets
  58. Vampire teeth
  59. Squirt guns
  60. Halloween themed toys
  61. Bouncy balls
  62. Jump rope
  63. Rulers
  64. Fake eyeballs
  65. Cool straws
  66. Fancy erasers
  67. Mini books
  68. Glow necklaces
  69. Cereal bars
  70. Wax lips
  71. Sidewalk chalk
  72. Hot chocolate
  73. Jars of slime
  74. Slinky
  75. Frisbee

There are plenty of ways that you can adjust the amount of candy that your kids eat this Halloween without cutting out all the fun. Check out these great tips below and have fun this Halloween!

  • Use smaller bags when trick or treating
  • Limit the amount of houses that you visit
  • Fill your kids up with a good meal before leaving
  • Wait until you get home to eat the candy and log all the different kinds in a notebook
  • Allow a certain number of candy to be eaten per night for a one week period and then donate it to the troops

Have you ever given out alternatives to Halloween candy at your house??