How to Clean a Dirty Microwave

How to Clean a Dirty Microwave

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard we try to keep the microwave splatter free, it never seems to work. I can’t even just blame others because sometime I am in a rush and put things in there only to hear them POP after several seconds…

The problem you then face is how to clean that cooked on food as quick and easy as possible. There is one sure fire method I always use.

All you truly need is:

  • Large, Microwave-Safe Coffee Cup
  • Sponge or Washcloth
  • Water

Fill the coffee cup about 2/3’s of the way full place it in the microwave and set the microwave for about 3 minutes. Once the microwaves dings at you, do not remove the cup! Let is sit for another 3 – 5 minutes.  The theory here is for the water in the cut to steam and loosen up all of the gunk stuck to the microwave.

After 3 – 5 minutes, carefully remove the coffee cup. Wet your sponge or washrag with hot water and use it to wash the inside of the microwave. Anything stuck to the sides of the microwave should easily wipe off.

I have heard people who put dish soap ion the cup before they put it in the microwave. I am not sure what the purpose of this would be since the soap will stay in the cup. Perhaps there is something I am not understanding?

I know of some people who put lemon juice or vinegar in the water.  The theory behind using lemon juice or vinegar mixed with the water is that the acid in either one helps break down the stuck on food a little better. I have never used anything more than water, but I can certainly see the value is using either of these additives if for no other reason than they might help freshen up the microwave a little more.

No matter if you use just water or water with something added, the one think you need to be very careful of is removing the cup from the microwave. The water will be boiling hot! Take any precaution necessary.

If you know of another fast and easy way to clean a microwave or just want to add to anything I have said here, please make sure you use the comment feature here.


4 thoughts on “How to Clean a Dirty Microwave

  1. Tonya

    Wow, thanks for this! My son had a microwave at college that came home terrible and your suggestions worked. It looks almost brand new.

    1. Mother Post author

      That is great! Glad it worked as well for you as it does for me. 🙂

  2. Martha McCully

    Doing the same process with a cupful of ammonia also works like crazy!

  3. Helen Palmer

    Just found this, as my microwave was practically talking to me it had so much built on grime on the inside roof. It looked clean but when i ran my fingers over the inside top – eurrrgggh!! So tried this method, and im happy to say it works!! Thanks for the great tip. I’ll always clean it this way from here on in 🙂 How ive never realised this before!! 😉

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