Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-Rella

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie-Rella

I received this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-rella (affiliate link) DVD just in time to share it with my granddaughter, who is almost 3, thoroughly enchanted by Disney princesses, and in love with Minnie Mouse.  This movie, which combines the story of Cinderella and the sights and sounds you expect to see in all episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, was a bit hit with both her and I.

Unlike Cinderella, Minnie wasn’t put to work by a wicked stepmother and stepsisters; all her friends put her to work simply to keep her busy so they could get her a surprise present.  A tired Minnie ends up falling asleep and dreaming that she is Cinderella – MInne-Rella!

Minne-Rella faces many of the same situations that Cinderella, starting out with a visit from her fairy godmother. When her fairy godmother appeared, who was actually Clarabelle, my granddaughter immediately connected it to Cinderella. She turned to me and her eyes got big – she said, “Look grandma, a fairy godmother like Cinderella!”

Minne’s fairy godmother helps her prepare for the ball the same way Cinderella’s did.  She turns Minnie’s rags into a beautiful gown and outfits her feet with glass slippers. As pumpkins are not in season, a carriage is created out of a tomato offered up by farmer Goofy (who then becomes the coachman).

One thing you will find in Minne-Rella’s story that Cinderella didn’t have the benefit of is Toodles.  Technically, Toodles is an extension of Mickey’s Mousekadoer computer. His main job is to distribute Mousekatools to Mickey and his friends. In each episode, they get 3 or 4 tools to help them on their adventures.

Before Minnie sets off to the palace, she calls for Toodles, but instead uses a different name – Cute-les (pronounce like Toodles with a C). In this movie, Toodles is given a more feminine personality and look. My granddaughter found this quite amusing!

With the help of Goofy, the tomato coach, and Cute-les, Minnie-Rella makes it to the ball and gets to dance with Mickey Mouse. I love my granddaughter’s reaction to this scene… It was almost like she was a bit embarrassed to see them waltzing. She turned and looked at me with a little smile and then covered her mouth a little bit.

Of course, the dancing was interrupted by a cuckoo clock chiming in to let everyone know it was midnight… We all know what happens at this point! Minne-Rella runs off, loses her slipper, and Mickey goes searching for her. Once Mickey finds her and discovers the glass slipper fits, Minnie wakes up and is surrounded by all of her friends.

We enjoyed watching this movie along with the other bonuses on this DVD.  Besides the MInne-rella movie (which is about 102 minutes long), you also get three bonus episodes: Pluto’s Tale (Pluto’s first fairy tale adventure), Mickey and the Enchanted Egg (Mickey finds an egg that hatches a baby dragon), and Daisy’s Pony Tale (Daisy ends up with a super long pony tail, like Rapunzel).  There are also 10 Minnie Bow-Toon shorts.Minnie-rella castle

I almost forgot to mention that there was also a “Free Castle Play Set” in the DVD case. Of course, we had to punch out and assemble the pieces – which was simple – before we watched the movie. It all made for a fun morning and wonderful together time!

Disclosure: A review copy of this DVD was provided to me. No further compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As noted above, this post contains a affiliate link. See my disclosure policy for details.