Printable Reading Charts

I love reading and I love encouraging kids to read.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to read through my post about using Book Boxes or Story Sacks to Help Kids Read, hop on over and take a peek. Along with using those ideas to help encourage kids to read, you might want to use a printable reading chart.

Download and print out the reading chart I created, or you can check out some of the reading charts I found (links below). Better yet, use them all!

Printable Reading Chart

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My chart has spaces for ten books. For each book, there is a spot for your child to write the title of the book and also a spot they should use to write their favorite or least favorite part of the book was and why it was. There are also 5 blank stars. Have your child rate the book from 1 to 5 depending on how much they liked the book (five being the best). There is also a spot under the chart to write a “prize” or special treat your child can get for filling in the entire chart.

While I hope you use and enjoy my reading chart, I thought I would share some other fun ones I found. Hopefully your child will use them all.

Please share your child’s reading successes and challenges with us!