15 Great Games for the Entire Family

15 Great Games for the Entire Family

My kids are all grown and moved out, but when we do get the chance to get together, we love playing games. Although we have several we enjoy playing over and over again, I thought it would be nice to find something new. That is why I came up with this list.

The games on this list aren’t just for when adult family members get together, many are easy to play with kids. Some even have options for both. Is your family’s favorite on this list? (Scroll down to see more details and the entire list)

Monopoly Game1 – Monopoly (affiliate link)
So this one has been a favorite for many families for many years. There are many different versions to choose from so you can pick one that is a good match for your family. I recently got My Monopoly for our family, and it is so much fun because you can customize it with your own family photos.

Trivial Pursuit Game2 – Trivial Pursuit (affiliate link)
I am old enough to remember when this game first came out, and, I will admit, I have been hooked since the first time I played it way back then. To play this game, you move your round game pieces around the board and try to collect pie wedge shaped pieces by answering trivia questions correctly.

Apples to Apples Game3 – Apples to Apples (affiliate link)
This is one of my families favorite games. It is a fun, easy game that usually leaves us all laughing hysterically. Each player gets dealt a certain number of red cards and then they all take turn being “the judge”. The judge lays down a green card and everyone else chooses a card from their hand that best describes the green card and hilarity can ensue!

Game of Life4 – Game of Life (affiliate link)
Another classic… For those who might not be familiar with this game, you basically follow long the game board and deal with some life challenges like going to college, getting married, and having kids. The game tokens are little cars you drive around the game board.

Bananagrams Game5 – Bananagrams (affiliate link)
If you have any Scrabble fans in your family, they will enjoy playing this fun game. It is similar to Scrabble because the goal is to spell out words, but in this game you don’t count points to see who wins and you don’t take turns spelling out the words. Each player builds words on their own as quickly as they can. The first person to use all of their letters wins the game.

Clue Board Game6 – Clue Board Game (affiliate link)
This fun who-dun-it game is another classic. PLayers take turns moving to different rooms on the game board to try to figure out who commit the murder, what room it took place in, and what weapon was used.

Operation Game7 – Operation Game (affiliate link)
To play this game, players take turn removing ailing body parts from a patient named Sam. Steady hands are a must… If you touch the sides of the game while trying to remove the body parts with a pair of tweezers, a buzzer sounds and you must leave the piece in its spot.

Trouble Game8 – Trouble Game (affiliate link)
One of the best features of this game is the ‘Pop-O-Matic’ die roller. Not only is it fun to push it down to roll the die, there is no loose dice to lose! You roll, or rather pop, the die and move around the board. Try to get all of your pegs home before your competition.

Jenga Classic Game9 – Jenga Game (affiliate link)
You might not think that playing with 54 wood blocks would be fun, but this game will change your mind. Everyone takes turns pulling out blacks and restacking them to see who can last the longest without making the stack fall.

Sequence Game10 – Sequence Game (affiliate link)
This game is played using a couple decks of cards (included) and a game board. On the game board, you will see line after line of pictures of face-up playing cards. This game is played by setting down the cards in your hand (one at a time) and covering the corresponding card on the board with a poker chip. The first player to get 5 chips in a row wins.

Blokus Game11 – Blokus Game (affiliate link)
This game is for 2 – 4 players and is played by setting down colored pieces on a blank game board. There is really only has one rule while you play — each piece you play must touch at least one other piece of the same color. Whoever can get the most pieces on the board, wins… It sounds easy, but watch out for others blocking your plays!

Dominoes Game12 – Dominoes (affiliate link)
While there is more than one way to play dominoes, we have always played by simply taking turns laying down domino pieces by matching the number of dots. Whomever uses all of their dominoes first, wins the game.

Beat the Parents Board Game13 – Beat The Parents Board Game (affiliate link)
This is a great trivia game that can even the playing field between the parents and the children. The parents must answer questions about kids stuff and vice versa. Great family fun!

5 Second Rule 14 – 5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out! (affiliate link)
This is a fast paced game… Pick a topic card and then name 3 things you can think of that fits into that topic… The fun comes into play when you try to do it in only 5 seconds! Ready, GO!!

Pictionary Game15- Pictionary Game (affiliate link)
You don’t have to be an artist to successfully play this game, you just need to be able to sketch quickly. This edition of the classic drawing game contains two levels of clues, one for kids and one for adults.

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