About Mother

So, you want to know more about Mother?

Mother has been married for nearly 30 years and has 3 lovely children and an adorable, if not occasionally grumpy, chihuahua. When she first started this site, her kids were young, thus the name Mother’s Home. Now, her children are all grown up and, she is proud to say, happy and successful adults. These children have now presented her with 4 incredible grandchildren so far (they are the main reason the 11 year old chihuahua can be grumpy on occasion).

Mother is a happy person (although she has her moments) and she tries to be positive about pretty much everything. She enjoys exploring the internet and sharing what she finds. She loves to do craft, read, spend time with her family, travel, take pictures, and much more.

Mother hopes you enjoy exploring all of the rooms in her house and that you come back often. Learn more about this site and how to get a hold of mother by reading through our policies.

6 thoughts on “About Mother

  1. Al

    Very nice-sounding website and author 🙂 . I like how mother refers to herself in the third person. Everything here is very useful and well organized.

  2. Wayne Moss

    Your swing is amazing and I love the individual swings your husband made. Would he be willing to send the plans and measurements for the bench swings? Also, what is the length of the diameter of the swing set?

    Again, you created a beautiful conversation place for your family.


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