30 Creative DIY Ways to Plant a Garden

I love planting and I love being creative so I had a ton of fun looking for some creative ways to plant a garden.

30 Creative DIY Ways to Plant a Garden

Every other year, I have planted a garden plot that is about 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. Now that all of my kids are grown and gone though, it hardly seems necessary — especially since we spend a lot of time at our cabin during the summer months. I figured I would try to make my planting somewhat portable this year and that is what inspired me to search out all of these ideas. Of course, not all of these amazing DIY projects are portable, but they are all creative!

I am going to be trying many of these ideas for my flowers, herbs, and vegetables this year. How about you?

 DIY Vertical Plant Hanger1 – DIY Vertical Plant Hanger from I Heart Nap Time

Cinder Block Planters2 – Cinder Block Planters from Plantiis

Living Monogram Wreath3 – Living Monogram Wreath from Better Homes and Gardens

Mason Jar Herb Garden4 – Mason Jar Herb Garden from Camille Styles

These Boots Were Made for Gardening5 – These Boots Were Made for Gardening from Mami G.

Garden Desk6 – Garden Desk from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

DIY Hanging Flower Tins7 – DIY Hanging Flower Tins from Stuff Steph Does

Lunchbox Planter8 – Lunchbox Planter from Fishtail Cottage

Shoe Organizer Garden9 – Shoes Organizer Garden from Instructibles

Dresser Drawer Garden10 – Dresser Drawer Garden from Home Jelly

How to Plant a Kitchen Colander11 – How to Plant a Kitchen Colander from Untrained Housewife

Chair Planters12 – Chair Planters from Jasey’s Crazy Daisy

Cowboy Boot Planter13 – Cowboy Boot Planter from The Gardening Cook

Stacked Planters14 – Stacked Planters from Home Jelly

DIY Framed Hanging Succulent Garden15 – DIY Framed Hanging Succulent Garden from Luna See

DIY Book Planters16 – DIY Book Planters from Apartment Therapy

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden17 – How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden from On the Balcony

Flower Pot Person18 – Flower Pot Person from Sherri

Bird Cage Planter19 – Bird Cage Planter from Blue Fox Farm

Croc Planters20 – Croc Planters from Real Simple

Topsy Turvy Galvanized Buckets21 – Topsy Turvy Galvanized Buckets from Cottage at the Crossroads

Upside Down Planter22 – Upside Down Planter from Design Sponge

Coffee Bag Planter Pots23 – Coffee Bag Planter Pots from Apartment Therapy

Make Your Own Concrete Planters24 – Make Your Own Concrete Planters from One Hundred Dollars a Month

Textured Planters25 – Textured Planters from Design Sponge

Colorful Tire Planters26 – Colorful Tire Planters from Lemon, Bean, and Things

Hanging Gutter Garden27 – Hanging Gutter Garden from Nest in Style

Recycled Hanging Planters28 – DIY Recycled Hanging Planters from Henry Happened

Recycled Wine Bottle Planters29 – Recycled Wine Bottle Planters from MiniMotives

Coffee Cup Herb Garden30 – Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden from By Stephanie Lynn